Privacy Policy

Privacy Policy


I. General provisions

1. This Privacy Policy regulates the main principles and procedure of collection, management and storage of personal data of the Customer (hereinafter – you, your) of UAB “SPORTS MODE” (hereinafter – SPORTS MODE) and the e-shops:,, (hereinafter – e-shop) of UAB “SPORTS MODE” (It is an information or its fragments related to you, or information, which would allow to reveal your real identify directly or indirectly).

2. The collection, management and storage of your personal data are determined by the present Privacy Policy, Law on Legal Protection of Personal Data of the Republic of Lithuania, and other legal acts. It you do not accept this Privacy Policy rules, do not provide us with your personal data to manage.

3. SPORTS MODE follows the following key principles of personal data management:

        3.1. The personal data are collected for the precise and lawful purpose;

        3.2. The personal data are managed accurately and fairly.

        3.3. The personal data are managed lawfully, i.e. only in the cases when:

            3.3.1. the subject of the data has expressed his/her consent, i.e. has agreed to follow the E-trade and Privacy Policy rules;

            3.3.2. the contract, where one party is the data’s subject, is made and executed;

            3.3.3. SPORTS MODE is obliged to manage personal data according to the laws;

            3.3.4. the personal data need to be managed for legal interest set by SPORTS MODE or third person, to whom the personal data are delivered, provided the interests of the data’s subject are not superior.

        3.4. The personal data are regularly updated.

        3.5. The personal data are stored for the period that does not exceed the time defined by the management purpose.

        3.6. The personal data are managed only by the authorized employees.

        3.7. All the information about the managed personal data is confidential.

        3.8. The National Inspection of Data Protection is notified about management of personal data following the procedure set by the government.

4. The following persons are entitled to use the services of e-shop:

        4.1. legally capable natural persons above 18 years old;

        4.2. minor persons from fifteen to eighteen years old, who have the consent of their parents, adoptive parents or guardians, unless they are free to use their wages or scholarship independently;

        4.3. legal persons;

        4.4. authorized representatives of all the aforementioned persons.


II. Collection, management and storage of personal data

5. SPORTS MODE manages personal data about you collected from various sources listed below, including management of personal data:

5.1 Directly from you, when you provide the data to create an account in e-shop, receive information, participate in survey, leave a comment, ask a question, contact SPORTS MODE, to apply for employment / internship, to lodge a complaint or for other purposes. Your personal data will only be managed if you provide them voluntarily.

5.2 When you visit SPORTS MODE e-shops we use cookies – small textual file, which is saved on your computer or your mobile device when you visit e-shop, thus enabling the e-shop to “remember” your actions and preferences (such as registration name, language, font size and other viewing preferences), and you do not need to enter or set them again every time you are visiting the e-shop or browsing various pages inside it. Data which SPORTS MODE can manage about you, when you are visiting SPORTS MODE website:

5.2.1 information about your browser or viewing program;

5.2.2 details about e-shops you visited;

5.2.3  your IP address;

5.2.4  links you clicked;

5.2.5  websites, which you visited before getting to SPORTS MODE e-shop.

5.3  And also from other sources.


6. SPORTS MODE respects each person’s right to privacy. Your personal data (name, surname, address, phone number, e-mail address, personal identification number, bank account number, passwords, purchasing history, sales history  and other information provided on the e-shop’s registration form) are collected and managed in order:

        6.1. to process your orders for goods and to implement other contractual obligations;

        6.2. to issue financial documents;

        6.3. to send you information and to answer your questions;

        6.4. to solve the problems related to presentation or delivery of goods;

        6.5. to evaluate how you use  our e-shop and services and to understand your searching habits;

        6.6. to recommend certain goods for you;

        6.7. to perform analytical and market researches and to analyse effectiveness of SPORTS MODE advertisements,

                including web behaviour analysis;

        6.8. to be able to prevent fraud or to reveal fraud and other crimes on the web and (or) verify your


7. SPORTS MODE may supplement your provided personal data with other information it possess.

8. You have to provide comprehensive and correct personal data at the time of registration in the e-shop.

9. While managing and storing your personal data, SPORTS MODE implements the organizational and technical means, which ensure the protection of personal data from accidental or unlawful destruction, modification, disclosure and other unlawful management.

10. SPORTS MODE may use the data, which are not directly related to your person, for statistical purposes, i.e. data about the purchased goods. Such statistical data shall be collected and managed so that the Customer could not be identified, and other personal data, which could identify the person, would not be disclosed.


III. Transfer of personal data to third parties

11. SPORTS MODE reserves the right to transfer the data to third parties:

        11.1. only to implement the objectives mentioned in the clause 5 herein;

        11.2. only as specified by the laws of the Republic of Lithuania.


IV. Modification or updating of personal data

12. You have a right to modify and/or update the information on the registration form.


V. Conveyance of information or claims

13. Having permitted to manage your personal data, you have a right to demand to change your personal data or to stoop their management, except for storage, when the data are managed in violation of laws.

14. Upon receipt of your application for management of personal data, SPORTS MODE will respond to you in 30 calendar days at most. Only the written applications for management of personal data shall be examined (by e-mail: or mail to the employees of UAB “SPORTS MODE”: Savanorių st. 192, 44151 Kaunas).


VI. Amendment of Privacy Policy

15. SPORTS MODE has a right to amend the Privacy Policy partially or completely by posting certain notice in the e-shop.

16. The supplements or amendments of the Privacy Policy shall come into effect after their announcement, i.e. the day when they have been posted in the e-shop system.


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